Kerry Chevalier

Kerry Chevalier, PhD

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Specialties: Couples, Families, Caregivers, Parenting, Developmental & Physical Disabilities, Adolescents, Women’s Issues

Contact:, (757) 788-2800, ext. 520

It is a privilege to be trusted to sit with people in their most difficult moments and to see them trying each & every day. I have had that privilege as a counselor for over 25 years and yet it still amazes me. Through both my work as a professional counselor and personal life experience, I have come to understand how to work through mental and emotional challenges, build resilience, effectively navigate systems to collaborate with others, and become empowered in working towards holistic wellness despite all of life’s challenges.  

Throughout my time in practice, I have loved working with families in all stages of life through individual, couples, and family therapy. My passion, and where I believe I do my best work as a counselor, is working with parents and other caregivers–those who have been bravely facing life’s difficulties for far too long, are physically and emotionally fatigued, and feel there is no way out of the storm. I can relate to feeling like you have to be everything to everyone at all times, being frustrated and anxious on the inside, being constantly busy while feeling like you’re getting nowhere–all while looking like you have it all together on the outside. It is overwhelming. You may never feel like you’re good enough. You may not know how to even find a moment to take care of yourself…or feel guilty when you do. That’s where counseling with me comes in, to help you put yourself as an individual or a couple first and find calm in the chaos.

I am a dynamic counselor who brings authenticity, active listening, and sincerity into session while seeking to understand. I believe my clients are the experts on their lives and work to establish a safe and accepting therapeutic environment. We will work hard together to establish your goals and make progress towards positive change. My former clients say that I am professional, yet warm & personaI; honest & direct while compassionate; serious when need be, but use humor along the way; and hold them accountable without criticism or reprimand. I will work hard as a counselor and will support you; but I also expect you to work hard, too, and challenge you to reach your goals. 

In counseling, I use a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches to help my clients cope with interpersonal conflict in relationships, mood management  such as with anxiety and depression, parenting issues, self-esteem, stress management, navigating difficult systems (such as education, medical care, housing), grief, and major life adjustments. I strive to understand and help people while acknowledging and addressing the impact that their environments (events, relationships, memories, systems) have on their well-being.

The beauty and magic of thinking of life as a kaleidoscope is that you take all of the moments of your life, the good, the bad, and even the ugly and shuffle the sparkly bits and pieces together to create a spectacularly beautiful image, singularly unique and precious because we understand that the slightest shift can quickly change the picture.

However, you have the power to embrace the nature of the kaleidoscope, to keep moving, growing, and seeing the beauty in each new perspective as a natural part of your journey to becoming the person you are meant to be.

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Private Pay Counseling Services


Intake Assessment Session for Individual$250 for 75-90-minute session
Intake Assessment Session for Couples$300 for 90-minute session
Individual/Couples/Family Therapy$180 for 50-minute session
$235 for 75-minute session
$250 for 90-minute session

**Additional time is billed at $30 per additional 15-minute increment**
Weekend/Evening Appointments$100 additional


Cash, check and credit or debit cards are accepted for payment.


Kerry is currently paneled with Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Sentara for Virginia and Ohio residents. If Kerry is not paneled with your insurance company and you prefer to use your insurance, she will be considered an out-of-network provider. You will be charged the private pay rates and will be provided with a receipt for services that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.