John Thomas

John Thomas, MS

Licensed Professional Counselor
WPATH Certified

Hi, I’m John Thomas. My pronouns are he/him/his.

I’m a mental health counselor whose passion for working with clients goes far beyond the four walls of my private practice. My areas of special focus include gender, sexuality, autism spectrum and neurodiversity.

I practice counseling for clients who reside throughout the state of Virginia. Although I conduct most of my counseling sessions in my comfy and cozy office in Falls Church, Virginia, I also utilize tele-therapy for folks who live throughout the state.
As you can probably tell by now, a major part of my counseling practice, as well as my professional life, is devoted to working within the LGBTQIA+ community. I also work closely with loved ones and allies in their efforts to navigate some of the challenges that are unique to these communities.

I provide individual counseling including joint sessions with integral persons in the client’s life (such as a parent, sibling, best friend, etc.). I do not provide services to persons under the age of 10, nor do I provide “family therapy” (i.e. providing counseling to several members of the client’s family simultaneously). However, I work closely with LGBTQIA-competent therapists who can assist you in the areas of couple’s counseling and family therapy.

I have an extensive background counseling diverse populations with a special focus on self-harm reduction, gender dysphoria, anxiety, depression, school and family issues. I am a member of WPATH (The World Professional Association for Transgender Health), and the Transgender Law Center Medical Experts Network, and I co-author gender and neurodiversity research studies.
I coordinate care with therapists, psychiatrists, medical providers and school counselors and provide referrals for adjunct supports including legal services, hair removal/cosmetic services, voice coaching, peer supports, and more.

I provide “letters” for gender-confirming medical and surgical treatments and coordinate with trans-competent surgeons world-wide. For more information, visit

My approach to counseling is both practical and empathic. I am warm, insightful and attuned to the effects of emotional challenges. I am highly collaborative; often coordinating with multiple and overlapping community supports to enhance your healing and personal growth, and promote your authentic self.