Family Counseling

Relationships are hard and adding multiple family members to the dynamic can make things even more challenging. What are the benefits of family counseling and is it right for your family?

No matter what your family dynamic looks like, families can be a huge source of stress in our lives. Parents and other caregivers–those who have been bravely facing life’s difficulties for far too long, are physically and emotionally fatigued and feel there is no way out of the storm. Our therapist are here to help and walk through these situations with you!

Family Counseling seeks to create strong communication, support during life’s transitions, and a feeling of trust in the family unit. It sometimes takes someone who is not in the situation to speak into the lives of those going through challenging times. Our therapist are trained to help and equip your family unit as you seek to build stronger relationships.

Benefits of Family Counseling

  • Strong Communication – People often undervalue the importance of communications in relationships. This is particularly true when the relationship involves several members, such as that of a family. Misunderstandings occur easily among larger groups. Family counseling can provide tools and insights that help members of a family to speak and be understood more efficiently.
  • Support During Life’s Transitions -Some of the most stressful moments among families can occur during important life transitions. These transitions can be either positive or negative. Things such as relocation, postpartum, divorce, death or empty nesting can cause upheaval in family dynamics. During such occasions, family counseling can serve as a lifeline for members who are struggling by providing help with communication, grief, and adjustment to new circumstances.
  • Feeling of Trust -The family will create a stronger bond while processing issues together and the deep wounds that have been festering within the family can finally begin to heal. The therapist will continue to moderate until together the family determines that they are comfortable and confident with their new skills and decide to discontinue sessions with their therapist.

Is family counseling right for our family?

Consider the interactions between members of your family. Are relationships within your family unit hostile or nonexistent? Are there recurring issues in your home that seem impossible to solve? Does your family need help learning how to communicate with one another? Whether these questions describe your current situation or you are simply looking for a way to create a deeper and more fulfilling connection within your family, our therapists are here to help you reach your relationship goals. Reach out today to schedule an appointment and get your family relationships on track.

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