Maggie Choumbakos Grindrod, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Specialties: Sexual Intimacy, Stage of Life Transitions, Infidelity, Premarital

Contact:, (757) 788-2800, ext. 596

Your Therapy

Secrets, self-doubt, shame, sex; nothing is off limits. I know that relationships can be confusing and painful at times; but there’s more to it than just understanding. I’m not a smile-and-nod kind of therapist. I will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone; to take risks, to go there, to cry, and yes—to laugh!! Whether you’re coming to therapy individually or as a couple, I will work with you through the tough moments—the fights, the fears, the transitions; and through the tough topics. I’m working toward certification in sex therapy and will dive headfirst into intimacy issues if that is where you want to go. These are the things our relationships are made of. This is why we’re both here.

Your Therapist 

This is where I help you decide if we’ll work well together, not just list the things I’ve done or can do. Choosing to go to therapy can be difficult so it is important to our relationship that you know I’m a real person too. This year my husband and I celebrate our ten-year anniversary, so I know firsthand the ups and downs, and inside-outs of a long-term relationship. I find that writing music, creating art, and spending time with my husband and our two dogs are the things that keep me balanced through my own challenges; because, yes, I have them too. I know that life doesn’t always go according to plan. My own journey has been full of detours and surprises. I’ve lived all over the country, studied theater and Montessori education, and worked as a stage actor and a teacher. Every part of that journey shaped my life, my relationships, and my path forward; and if we work together, I will honor every part of the journey that continues to shape you and yours.

Your Choices

You have a lot of choices when deciding on a therapist. It isn’t a decision to take lightly. I combine evidence-based techniques (I love research, let’s geek-out together if you do too!).  Therapy has changed a lot in the past few years and we can meet wherever you are comfortable – in our cozy therapy office, walking on the beach, in the Botanical Gardens, or riding around the neighborhood together talking in the golf cart. If you aren’t sure whether to give this a try, I’m happy to talk with you about it. You can reach me by email at or call my extension for a free 15-minute consultation (757) 788-2800 ext. 596.

Sometimes the hardest step is the first, but I encourage you to take it. Whether we meet for couples counseling, to unpack a relationship from your past, or to deepen and improve your relationship with yourself, I consider it to be a great honor to be invited into your life and relationships.

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Private Pay Counseling Services

Initial Assessment$350 for a 75-minute session
Individual Therapy Session $225 for a 60-minute session
Couples Therapy Session $275 for a 75-minute session
Gottman Couples Assessment $150 (recommended for couples to complete prior to initial session)
Discernment Counseling $500 for a 2-hour session
Additional Time in Sessions Prorated at hourly rate
Couples Intensives Couples intensives are tailored specifically to you and rates
will reflect the specific issues that need to be worked on and
the length of intensive (anywhere from a 3-hour mini
intensive, to 15-hour sessions split into two days). Please
schedule an intensive consultation to discuss what kind of
intensive will be best for you.
Additional Fees$100 travel fee for appointments in the Williamsburg office
$100 weekend fee for appointments booked on a Saturday or Sunday


Cash, check and credit or debit cards are accepted for payment.