Aaron Garmon

Aaron Garmon

MS, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counseling Resident

Specialties: Life Transitions, Career Counseling, School Issues, Men’s Issues

Contact: agarmon@relationship-center.com

This Isn’t About Me: It’s About YOU.

Everyone deserves happiness and success. My training and credentials mean nothing if I cannot help you.

My unique blend of expertise as a Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counselor helps me work with you on several levels, simultaneously using a variety of evidence-based strategies. As a counselor, I can help you understand yourself on a deep, core level – the level where powerful, transformational, lasting changes happen. As a rehabilitation and career counselor, I can help you find your “why” and “how” in life by taking actions that will transform your relationship with a disability or career problem. I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches to assist clients in finding healthier perceptions of themselves and strengthen positive relationships. My passion and purpose are to help you set and attain your individual positive life goals. If you want to know more about me:

My Journey

Just like you, I’ve had to grow and navigate this thing called life. With my particular blend of interests and talents, I decided that the best way for me to be helpful to others was as a counselor. So, I began my helping journey in 2006. Since then, I have provided case management for individuals living with HIV/AIDS, crisis intervention, community referral services for adults, children, and veterans; rehabilitation and counseling for individuals involved in the criminal justice system and vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with a myriad of disability concerns. I decided that I loved my career so much that I wanted to continue my education and recently completed my Mental Health Counseling Masters. Currently, I work with students who present with a variety of disability-related issues within a post-secondary environment. The most meaningful thing for me is to be of service to other people — as a husband and dad, uncle and friend, and in my career. If I am not working you can find me with my wife and our 4 young children – or napping!

Me as a Counselor

Relationships can bring us the greatest joys in life- sometimes, they cause us the deepest pain. If you are experiencing either relational or internal dissatisfaction, long for something more, therapy may be your next best step. I understand the connection with a counselor is a powerful dynamic- collaborating to accomplish your goals. I’m compassionate while helping you move forward to where you want to be. I’ll skillfully listen with insight and not judgment. I’ll develop your strengths to ensure long-lasting change outside of sessions. You will find me for you with a conviction that you can grow.

My interests include career assessment and evaluation, mental health and wellness, social justice and transition initiatives for ex-offenders with disabilities; family and career counseling services for students transitioning from secondary education into post-secondary education; and the impact of intersectionality on factors such as race and ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, disability adjustment, and economic well-being.