Yarelis Pagan, BA

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern

Specialties: Academic Stress, Military Family Life, Relationships, LGBTQIA+ and Cultural Identity  

Contact: yarelis@relationship-center.com, (757) 788-2800, ext. 610

I know what it is like to feel big emotions. As a young professional I know how difficult it can be to adjust to changes and transitions in life. As a Hispanic woman, I know we all come from different cultures and backgrounds that come with unique strengths and challenges. Growing up in a military family, I know what it is like to move and start over. Again.

College and transitioning to adulthood can make you feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities and the expectations pinned upon you whether by yourselves or others.

Some of the most common challenges I help my clients with are:

  • Making major life decisions — They say the decisions you make now will greatly affect the trajectory of your life. These decisions can be frightening to commit to. I can help.
  • Interpersonal relationships — College and the “Real World” put you face to face with a wide range of people. It is intimidating to make new friends and cultivate new relationships. It can also be difficult to maintain relationships with old family and friends. And dating – where do you even begin? I can help.
  • Discovering sexuality — Moving away from home is often the first time where you’ll see more openness towards the topic of sex, which can prompt a journey to figuring out your identity. Some may be having their first serious relationship. Or it is their first time being sexually active and facing concerns of STDs. I can help.
  • Lack of academic support — Feeling like your professors are unreasonable with their requirements and not being able to seek help (e.g. professor unreachable for consultations, no tutoring services, etc.) can hinder your academic progress. I can help.
  • LGBTQIA+ experience — I can help navigate the LGBTQIA+ experience – the first time “coming out,” the first time meeting LGBTQIA+ adult role models, first time being exposed to sexual orientation and gender identity issues, exploring opportunities to change gender expression, or first time expressing “real” feelings. These firsts can come with new fears and anxieties, such as an increased risk of being discriminated against for your identity. I can help.
  • Adjusting to a new place — Whether it is moving into a dorm or your first apartment, accommodation can be a big change. You might find it hard to get along with your roommates and live without the amenities you had before. I can help.
  • Assimilation and acculturation — First generation immigrants might have trouble adjusting to a new culture and language. Undocumented individuals may face anxiety over legal status and economic hardship. You might also face concerns of discrimination. If English isn’t your first language, you may fall behind at work or school, leading to insecurities and self-doubt. Intergenerational conflict can also arise with family if you adjust faster to the new culture. I can help.
  • Developing organizational skills — Juggling classes, a job and a social life is no mean feat. You might struggle with carving out time for everything on your plate. I can help.
  • Doubts about fitting in — If you’re unhappy with the way your life is going, it’s natural to have doubts. You might wonder if you picked the right major or the right college or career and start double-thinking your past decisions.

This is just the start of where we can begin to work together.

Want to know more about me? When I am not working or studying, I spend my time listening to music, reading, spending time with my family, and walking nature trails! I played the clarinet for several years, so music has always been a major part of my life. I have found music and nature to be integral components of healing and connection in my life.


Private Pay Counseling Services

New Client Consultation to discuss how Evelin can help youFree for 15 minute session
Initial Assessment for Individuals$95 for 75-minute session
Individual Therapy$65 for 50-minute session
Initial Assessment for Couples$115 for 75-minute session
Couples Therapy$85 for 50-minute session
Late Cancellation$35 if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment
No Show Appointment FeeFull Appointment Fee


Cash, check and credit or debit cards are accepted for payment.


While insurance is not accepted at this time, Yarelis is happy to provide you with receipts and documentation, upon request, to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please review your coverage carefully, and consult with your insurance provider.