Parent Coaching

Parent consultation services to those needing to address the detailed problematic behaviors or everyday child-related trials that often come with parenthood.

When tough moments become the norm, parenting can feel exhausting! We offer techniques and strategies to meet the unique needs and strengths of your child. Our parent coaching can help you build the number of joyful and connecting moments with your child while decreasing the frustrating ones.

Parent Coaching provides a safe place in which to gain insight into your parenting style, identify strengths and weaknesses, better understand child development, learn age appropriate expectations and work through parenting challenges such as: 

  • How to handle yelling, tantrums and meltdowns
  • Identifying practical tools to help your child (and yourself) with emotion regulation techniques
  • Strategies for effective discipline and limit setting
  • How to overcome power struggles and create alignment with your child
  • Effective positive reinforcement techniques
  • How to handle sibling rivalry
  • Strategies for bedtime battles

Parent Coaching: A Collaborative Alternative to Therapy

Therapy can be an effective tool when dealing with specific issues, it may not be the appropriate avenue to help you talk about your concerns and needs as a parent. Our parent consultation expert can help you find a better approach when facing the common parenting obstacles of everyday life.

It’s important to remember that, like most of our other services, parent consultations are collaborative in nature. We have a high degree of knowledge of both child development and parenting, you are the expert on your child.


Michelle Heller Leo, our Parent Coaching Specialist, offers brief consultation or problem-solving sessions in the form of 50-minute consultation appointments. Consultation appointments are typically utilized for parents or providers who have targeted questions or concerns that can be sufficiently addressed within a single appointment. Common concerns addressed during consultation with a psychologist may be strategies for a general behavioral concern, questions about typical child development, questions about testing and assessment, collaboration with other providers, or questions about your child’s upcoming IEP meeting.

School Advocacy: IEP or 504 Plan Services

Our Parent Coaching Specialist is also a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who offers advocate services that help you plan for meetings that determine supports for your child. The ultimate goal to empower and educate families as to their rights throughout the education process. Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or 504 are established to foster the most appropriate school supports, accommodations, or environments for your school-aged child.

Services across districts and options for support within schools are not always clear or known. What is deemed “best,” may not always be agreed upon or clear by all of the individuals creating the support plans. I believe that parents bring the expertise about their child, and I promote, as much as possible, a collaborative approach with your child’s teachers, schools, districts, and other systems of care. With that being said, my support and allegiance is with you and your child to ensure that you serve as a key and informed stakeholder during the eligibility process.

Let’s Team Up!

 We understand parenting frequently comes with more than a few struggles. However, just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you should keep these issues to yourself. If you are reading this, now may be the best time to identify the most effective ways to deal with your parenting challenges and regain your confidence. We are ready to help you with quality, effective parent coaching, so take the first step and contact us today!

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