Lynne Rifkin Shine

Clinical Consultant
Couples Workshop Leader in NY

Lynne has been practicing personal counseling since 1984. A graduate of Boston University where she earned both her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling, Lynne founded Audubon Counseling in Western New York in 1994 to provide expert counseling services to adults and families. Her private practice has continued to grow thanks to direct referrals from physicians, attorneys, businesses, schools and peer counselors. For the past two decades has been a featured speaker at seminars as well as in the local media for her expertise on numerous counseling topics.

Lynne has extensive experience counseling couples of all ages and stages from engaged couples to revitalizing long-term relationships. She works with same-sex couples, mood and anxiety disorders, and sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction. She regularly works with two-career couples, affairs, betrayals, and trust problems. She supports couples through structuring a separation, planned reconciliation, co-parenting, and collaborative divorce. Her clients report that Lynne’s direct and practical approach along wither great sense of humor has helped them greatly improve their relationships with themselves and others.