Equine Interactions in Therapy

Growth can happen in the most unexpected of places. Equine interactions in therapy, allows healing to take place in a natural setting and in the company of another relational being.

Since the office setting is not for everyone, equine interactions provides a creative alternative. Imagine getting out of the city, driving down country roads to a beautiful farm to see your therapist. Sounds nice, right? In choosing this natural and experiential setting you are able to work towards your goals, receiving the same clinical treatment as you would in-office with some added benefits. Interacting with a horse as part of treatment can bring unexpected perspectives and enjoyment to your therapeutic work.

two horses

When horses are part of your individual or couple’s session, new ways of engaging in the therapeutic process come into view. The warmth, gentleness, and curiosity of the horse, along with a more relaxing environment can enhance your experience. Equine Interactions add motivation and ease to the process of improving relationships, increasing awareness and overall healing. This setting also provides the therapist with even more tools and options for working together in ways that suit you.

You do not need prior experience around horses to choose this therapeutic setting. In fact, many clients have never interacted with a horse prior to their first visit. The safety and comfort of the horse and client is a priority. It is normal to have questions and we are here to answer them. Our therapist Rebecca Jones will help you to determine if including equine interactions in therapy is the right fit based on your needs and wishes.

If you are considering adding equine interactions and a natural environment to your individual or couples therapy you can reach Rebecca Jones at 757-788-2800 (EXT. 503) or click here.

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