Elizabeth Polinsky (“Liz”)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ph.D., Intern and Resident in Marriage & Family Therapy

Specialties: Emotionally Focused Couple and Family Therapy (EFT & EFFT), Military and Veteran Relationships, Relationship Intensives

Contact: elizabeth.polinsky@relationship-center.com, (757) 788-2800, ext. 509

Instagram: @lizpolinsky

I believe that no one should face their struggle alone. I enter the room in a warm, honest, supportive, and direct way. I won’t be a distant therapist; I get up close and personal with whatever is going on. I excel at creating safety and comfort in my office so you can take risks, learn about yourself and your loved ones, and grow. You will get the benefit of my whole being—my years of training, laser focus on the issues, as well as my deep empathy and understanding. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will be thoughtful, creative and work to help you build the relationships you’ve longed for. I will walk alongside you through your journey; I will help you not feel alone.

I’m trained in several research-based models; this means I’ve learned techniques that really work for people. Discovering new perspectives, exploring new ideas and discussing possibilities is exciting to me. I especially love to talk about theories and the science behind things. In every conversation with a client I learn more about life.

Trauma is my area of expertise, especially relational trauma in couples and families. PTSD is usually associated with soldiers returning from war, yet the vast majority of people who experience it have never been anywhere near a combat zone. One partner can experience severe trauma and the other may experience symptoms too. Things we don’t think of can cause trauma—such as having a serious illness or a difficult birth, being in a verbally abusive relationship, loving someone with an addiction, or being abused or neglected as a child.

I know the negative impact trauma can have on your life and how difficult it is to overcome. Feelings of guilt and shame are common when you believe your situation isn’t “serious” enough. It is especially frustrating when difficult emotions and issues resurface after a stressful life event such as moving, career change, a loss or a betrayal. You might feel some anxiety about the idea of starting this work and that’s understandable. We will work together to move at your speed. I can help you enjoy other people’s company again and feel at peace.

Reaching out and allowing somebody to help you sort through pain can be an intimidating process. It takes courage. Not every therapist is a good match and the most important thing is you. I offer a free 20-minute consultation to see what it would be like to work together. My goal is to provide a safe space for your story and to help you achieve healthy relationships. I would be honored to be part of your healing process.



Initial Assessment$225 for 60-minute session, report writing, and diagnosis
Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy$150 for 60-minute session
Client Phone SupportUnder 5 Minutes: Free Over 5 Minutes: $25 per 15 minutes
Collateral Contacts with Lawyers, Physicians etc., and Case Management ServicesUnder 5 Minutes: Free Over 5 Minutes: $25 per 15 minutes
Report Writing$150 per hour
Court Appearances$250 per hour plus travel expenses (2 hour minimum)
Military & Veteran Discount20% on all services and Relationship Intensives
Late CancellationFull Session Fee for cancellation within 24 hours of appointment
No Show Appointment FeeFull Appointment Fee + phone call required to be reinstated on schedule
Sessions Longer than 60 minutesProrated in 15 minute increments at the regular rate


Additional $100 travel fee for the Williamsburg Office Location.

Relationship Intensives are typically conducted on the weekends. A full relationship assessment is required. This can happen either prior to the intensive to allow for deeper therapy work during over the weekend, or it can happen over the 3 hours at the beginning of the intensive.

1 Day Relationship Intensive (6 hrs): $750
Available for current couples who see Liz either weekly or bi-weekly for counseling. A mini intensive is an opportunity go deeper and achieve more security in your relationship after we have already identified and started to change the pattern or cycle that has been blocking the relationship connection.

1.5 Day Relationship Intensive (9 hrs): $950
Want to jump-start marriage counseling? This is an opportunity to reconnect with each other. Whether you are local or traveling from out of town, treat the weekend as a break from daily life. Take a moment to focus on you, your relationship, and reconnect with the one you love most.

2.5 Day Relationship Intensive (15 hrs): $1,350
Hoping to prevent divorce or separation? This full-weekend intensive is for couples who’ve tried everything else but want to try one more thing. A full weekend of intensive therapy and moments that bring you closer together might be just the thing to save your relationship.


Insurance Plans: Liz is currently paneled with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Optima. If Liz is not paneled with your insurance company and you prefer to use your insurance, she will be considered an out-of-network provider. You will be charged the private pay rates and will be provided with a receipt for services that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Basic Information for all Insurances: Most insurance companies cover medically necessary services only. If you do not have a mental health diagnosis, your service may not be covered. Insurance companies typically limit couple therapy sessions to 50-minutes one time per week. Any services not covered by your insurance plan will be charged at the private pay rates listed above. Military Service Members and Veterans will qualify for a 20% discount for all private pay services. Relationship Intensives and case management services are not typically covered by insurance.

If you have a mental health diagnosis, it is important to know that every insurance carrier has their own unique out of network coverage. You are encouraged to call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card and ask the following questions:

  1. Do I have any out of network coverage?
  2. What is my out of network coverage for mental health services?
  3. What is my out of network deductible? (Often insurance plans have separate out of network deductibles)

If you have out of network coverage, then you can submit the courtesy receipt for services to your insurance carrier for reimbursement through Reimbursify.


Insurance will not pay for late cancellation or missed appointments and last minute time slots cannot be filled; therefore, if you have two non-emergency late cancellation or no-show appointments, the therapy services will be terminated. For Liz to do her best work with couples, consistent weekly or bi-weekly appointments are recommended.

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