Brittany Buescher

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, LPC

Specialties : Marriage & Divorce, Trauma, Anxiety, Grief

Contact:, (757) 788-2800, ext.605

I have immersed myself in learning from the masters of therapy for the past decade because to do good therapy, one needs a lot of training, however, to do great therapy, one needs to be human and truly connect with people. I believe that the key ingredient to a therapist’s success is recognizing our need as humans to feel heard, loved, and understood. Embracing my client’s challenges, vulnerabilities – the messiness that is in all of us and walking through the murkiness to healing is my passion. It is how I feel deeply connected to others. Being present to and witnessing change and recovery, no matter how slight or great, is a rich experience for me.

Helping individuals deal with the devastating impact of depression, anxiety, and trauma has always been tremendously rewarding work. But it wasn’t until I explored couples therapy that I really found my calling. I suppose I was attracted to the challenging dynamic of working with two unique individuals to create balance, understanding, and harmony. Then again, perhaps it was my own experience of seeing so many relationships that need understanding, insight and healing.

As a Relationship Therapist specializing in Trauma and Neuroscience, I work with individuals and couples to improve the quality of their lives and build stronger relationships by getting to the heart of the issue. I help people improve their emotional well being, enhance the quality of their interpersonal relationships and to empower them with the tools necessary for a happy, healthy life. I provide an interactive, down-to-earth approach to help individuals and couples build life-long positive relationships. I am committed to using empirically based and proven research methods to help my clients reach their goals. In short, I use what has been proven to work.

So, what works you ask?

The majority of my therapy practice centers around a Systemic, Solution-Focused, Dialectical, & Experiential based therapies. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an experiential approach, is considered one of only two “empirically supported” methods for working to improve welling being and satisfaction in relationships for couples. Using EFT, we will identify triggers that create distance in your relationship. New ways of communicating and resolving conflict are created where issues truly get resolved.

I am acutely aware that negative life experiences can have a profound impact on how we view the world. Due to my understanding of the pervasive nature of trauma, I set out to find specific therapeutic modalities that was not only impactful to me on a personal level, but also something I thought would benefit my clients. One is when I found Brainspotting (BSP) – a type of therapy designed to help people access, process, and overcome trauma, negative emotions, pain, and enhance performance. I have found this approach be an effective form of treatment for a variety of mental health concerns for individuals and couples.

Embracing my client’s challenges, vulnerabilities – together we walk the path to healing. It is how I feel deeply connected to others. Being present to and witnessing change and recovery, no matter how slight or great, is a rich experience for me!!

I hope by now you know I am down to earth and genuine. I will laugh and I will cry with you. I will wade around in the muck to help you get unstuck. I am humbled and honored each time a couple or individual shares their story with me and invites me into the sacred space within their heart. It’s my honor and passion to help clients overcome their challenges in a way that can help them reframe how they perceive and experience themselves, their partners, and the world around them.

want to know a little more about me?

In my down time, you will either find me inside cooking for my friends and family or spending time outside hiking or biking. Being with my people allows me to relax and laugh. I love to laugh and find that there is something about the feeling of laughing that always makes me feel alive. Other things that make up who I am is my love for science fiction, ice cream, fuzzy socks, meditating, and brussel sprouts. People are always surprised to learn that I have a black belt in karate and an avid 20 year yogi. Another favorite of mine is learning, especially what makes love and relationships last!


Private Pay Counseling Services

Initial Assessment$200 for a 75-minute session
Individual Therapy$150 for a 55-minute session
Couples Therapy$175 for a 60-minute session
$200 for a 75-minute session
Discernment Counseling $350 for a 2-hour session
Additional Time AvailableProrated at hourly rate
Couples IntensiveCouples intensives are tailored specifically to you and rates will reflect the specific issues that need to be worked on and the length of intensive (anywhere from a 3-hour mini intensive, to 15-hour sessions split into two days).


Cash, check and credit or debit cards are accepted for payment.


Brittany is currently paneled with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Optima for Ohio residents. If Brittany is not paneled with your insurance company and you prefer to use your insurance, she will be considered an out-of-network provider. You will be charged the private pay rates and will be provided with a receipt for services that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.